I was lucky enough to place a story I’m inordinately fond of, called “Icky,” in George Donnelly’s liberty-themed anthology, VALIANT, HE ENDURED. The antho leans toward sci-fi, and so my little literary fiction story was fortunate to even be considered. Its placement in the book, perhaps, provides a cleansing of one’s skiffy palate to enable the reader to consume more of the skiffy goodness contained in the 16 other stories. Perhaps.

Anthologies are cool, though, because they enable a reader to sample a bunch of different writers in short doses in one book. Only a few years ago, you couldn’t really put one of these together without a tremendous amount of time and capital expended on the project. With the rise of e-books, however, publishers now can put these compilations together without a crap-ton of resources. Which, when you think about it, is quite a boon to fiction readers, who now have access to such a wider array of writers and writing styles compared to the “bad old days” when only giant publishing houses could afford to produce something like this. Hooray for technology!

In any event, if you like liberty-themed sci-fi, or are curious about the ongoing adventures of a conflicted college baseball pitcher named Enzo Prinziatta, you might want to throw down $2.99 for VALIANT, HE ENDURED. Here is the Amazon (affiliate) link: